Investor Testimonies

Realtor & Investor

Rich Valadez

Rich is a realtor and investor that transitioned from short-term and long-term single-family rentals to 1,435 doors in the multifamily commercial real estate market.

IT Professional & Investor

Kenneth Sumners

From false-starts in single-family investing to now passively investing in over 578 doors, including 156 unit ground-up new development. 

Vice President

Chris Harl

“The first day I met Abel Pacheco, I knew he was going to have a profound effect on my life”

Attorney For The Department Of Justice

Michele Vigilance

As a current single family investor, Michelle wanted to track a faster ROI. Hear her experience with the 5 Talents Capital team and how she’s doing now. 

Vice President

Jay Rebaldo

Jay passively invested in a five million dollar multifamily commercial investment and began growing his wealth. 

IT Professional & Investor

Drew Davis

With over 10 years of single family investing and self-managing, Drew was ready to ease off the gas and level-up his investment portfolio. Click to hear his story. 

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