Yonah Weiss – How Does Cost Segregation Work in Real Estate?

Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Show - Yonah Weiss

Yonah Weiss is a lifelong learner and teacher who uses his passion for teaching to support real estate investors in creating powerful tax strategies for their businesses. Known as the #CostSegKing in real estate circles, Yonah is also an advocate for cost segregation that allows investors to grow their businesses by reducing their taxable income and increasing their cash flow. He will reveal in this episode how exactly that works, as well as the things that successful people do that you can apply right now.

Listen to Yonah and know more about cost segregation!

Grant Cardone – Building a Million-Dollar Business in 90 Days

Welcome to the Season 1 finale of our show! In this special episode, we have Grant Cardone, the leader of the 10X Movement. Grant helps people all over the world to learn strategies that 10X their businesses, 10x their income, and 10x their lives.

He drops a ton of golden nuggets for passive and active investors and shares his experience in building a million-dollar business from scratch for the reality show, Undercover Billionaire.

Let’s listen to Grant and learn how to build a million-dollar business in 90 days!

Keith Blackborg – Self-Made Millionaire by Age 30; Advanced Wealth & Tax Strategies for Passive Investors

Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Show - Keith Blackborg

Keith Blackborg, CPA reached financial freedom within 10 years from his successes as an investor and tax strategist. He began his career at Deloitte, a Big Four International Accounting Firm and later started his own firm serving high net worth real estate investors, including nationally recognized apartment influencers.

He mastered complex tax strategies allowing clients to legally save ~5-10% of their income in taxes each year. His personal investing experience, deep tax knowledge, wide network and breadth of industry expertise allowed him to mentor clients in business, making their whole operation more efficient and profitable.

Listen to Keith to learn advanced wealth and tax strategies for passive investors!

Bernard Reisz – What You Don’t See is What You Get in Financial & Tax Services

Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Show - Bernard Reisz

Our guest for today is Bernard Reisz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 401KCheckbook.com, which supports investors on investments through retirement accounts. Bernard covers a lot of areas in this real estate space, which we don’t usually talk about. He will demystify qualified retirement plans, share the secrets of different tax services, and give us tips to leverage all these in real estate investing.

Let’s tune in now and learn more about financial and tax services in real estate!