Brandon Hall, The Real Estate CPA – The Importance of a Professional Real Estate Status

Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Show - Brandon Hall

This advice might save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on taxable income. In this episode, we’ll be learning about this from our guest Brandon Hall. Brandon is a CPA and Founder and CEO of The Real Estate CPA company, and host of The Real Estate CPA Podcast combining his passion for developing creative strategies to reduce tax bills, and his interest in building long-term wealth as a real estate investor. Brandon and his team are dedicated to helping high net worth individuals and general partners in real estate syndicates by leveraging technology and developing automated solutions to give time back to our clients.

Let’s listen in to Brandon’s expertise and learn what can happen when you qualify as a real estate professional and how to get there.

Keith Arnell – $10-M Businesses, 5 Key Metrics; Best Practices in Financial Accounting

Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Show - Keith Arnell

Numbers look daunting even for seasoned real estate professionals. That is where financial accounting experts can add value. Keith Arnell, Founder of Pavillon Advisors, provides reliable outsourced accounting services and supports businesses in gaining financial insight into their companies. A Certified Public Accountant, Keith offers expert bookkeeping and accounting services, especially on understanding finances, cash flow, and accounts better.

I’m looking forward to hearing from Keith about the best practices in financial accounting that we can apply in real estate investing.